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Internet Honeypots Low Interaction Malware Binary

Honeypot Binaries

Our distributed honeypot platform based on TPot allows us to operate various sensors running up to 20+ honeypots each, centralizing the collect traces, logs and binaries in the LHS. The collected data is indexed in realtime in an Elasticsearch cluster.

Probes are placed on various dedicated network connections in the LHS, in the cloud or in our partners networks, thanks to the CyberGenAI joint project with DFKI (Germany) and OMU (Japan).

This dataset includes all binaries and files uploaded by the attackers when exploiting the emulated vulnerabilities.


Dataset name Honeypot Binaries
Authors LHS Nancy, CyberGenAI (Inria/Resist, DFKI, OMU)
Format Binaries
Licence Under NDA, ask us
Experimentation Platform honeypots
Production Location LHS Nancy
Production Date Since July 2023
Update Frequency Daily
URL ask us