About us

The High Security Laboratory (HSL, LHS = Laboratoire de Haute sécurité in french) was build in 2008-2009 by Inria’s Nancy-Grand Est Centre with the help from FEDER (European Fund for Regional Development), the Region of Lorraine, the Greater Nancy Metropolitan District and the Ministry for Higher Education and Research via the Regional Research and Technology Delegation. Business research has been undertaken in partnership with universities in Lorraine, the CNRS


A completely new facility to support leading-edge computing security work

Placed in an enclosed environment with an insulated Internet network and with access protected by biometric recognition, the laboratory offers a reliable technological and regulatory framework for conducting sensitive tests and operations. It has been designed for guaranteeing the security of the data, phenomena and equipment being analysed. It comprises three distinct areas:

    • working room for researchers;
    • cluster room equipped with somes units like :
      • a virtual telescope which picks up malicious codes and signs of attacks and which enables Internet probe experiments;
      • a “test-tube” sealed network which allows sensitive experiments, such as analysing malicious codes, to be run without running the risk of contaminating the entire network;
      • a production unit for distributing the tools developed in the LHS: anti-virus, analysis tools etc ;
      • safes, etc…
  • “red” room. Not connected to the network, this room enables the handling of very sensitive information and data. This room can receive equipment or material to be studied in total confidentiality as part of partnerships with industry.

 Our domains of investigation

Our scientific and technical domains of investigation are :

  • Virology and malware analysis.
    • Malware database (more than 6M malwares)
  • Network attacks and malware capture.
    • Attack database (more than 5 years of network attacks).
  • Cryptographic systems
    • electronic voting
    • Key escrow,
  • Secure hosting
    • Safes and cryptographic vaults,
  • SCADA security
    • Machine learning of topology, Scada IPS…
  •  Mobile security
    • Android security monitoring (OVAL)
    • Application and user behavior


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